Phishing and Security Awareness Website - Full-Stack Developer 2

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Emdad are looking for a Full-Stack Developer with powerful Front-End Skills who will work with a team to complete the development of a responsive website (Mobile and Web) (English & Arabic) for a Website that will be targeted for Phishing and Security Awareness Information and Resources.

The website will be built through a Content Management System supporting both Arabic and English languages.

The required solution shall compose of three main components: Website, Content Management System on an Opensource Platform (Strapi- CMS) and an Online Assessment Creation and Publishing System.

Current Situation:
The Website (English and Arabic) managed by CMS is currently in the Development Environment with a number of bugs and issues remaining to pass the Testing and UAT stage.

A customized Dashboard to manage the CMS for system users are currently in development, nearly 50% is finished.

The Online Assessment System backend is currently in development, nearly 15% is finished.

Developer Scope of Work
The role of the Front-End Developer in this project is the following:

• Understand the work developed on Front-end and Back-end and fix bugs to make website pass testing and UAT to be ready for Launch on Production.

• Offer Support and Maintenance for 3 months for any minimal issues and bugs that might arise after the Website is launched.

• Collaborate with current Developer and UI Designer in the project to finish the remaining development.

• Collaborate with the QA/QC and Developer to fix the bugs and issues in the project to ensure Website and CMS pass testing and UAT stages.

• Collaborate with current team to pass Go-live and Stabilization stage of the project and fix any issues (Front End or Back End).

Candidate Skills and Requirements:
Candidate must have skills and experience in the following technologies:

• Web Development
HTML5 — CSS3 — Bootstrap4 — javaScript — ES6 —SASS — Jasmine — Git— firebaseI — Django—Flask — Express— Mongo DB — Postgresql —apache — nginx — AWS — google cloud — digital ocean — Azure

• React & react native Skills
React — Redux — hooks — GraphQl — apollo — Jest and enzyme (react testing) — React as PWA — NativeBase

We will need from Candidate:
- CV and Portfolio with previous successful Responsive Websites projects.
- If selected Conduct a zoom session to explain in details current situation and conduct interview.
- Estimated Time and Deliverable
- Estimated Cost

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